Putting safety at the forefront of everything we do

We strive to create and maintain a safe operating culture, putting safety front and centre of everything we do.

Everything we do depends on the safety of our operations, our people and the communities around us. We place the wellbeing of everyone that our work encompasses at the heart of what we do and strive to create, maintain, promote and be recognised for an exemplary health and safety culture.

Safety Culture

Safety and assurance is our top priority as we passionately care about the safety of our people. We are committed to preventing injuries and ill health to our people and everyone we work with.

Code of Conduct

Our people are our most important asset so we invest in training and development which produces teams capable of offering the expertise and dependability our clients rely on.

Quality Management

Daviot operate a full Integrated Management System (IMS) to allow the business to function to its greatest potential while ensuring that the end result to our partners and customers is delivered in a safe and efficient manner and that the highest quality is achieved. Performance of all activities comply with the standards of ISO 9001.

Quality Policy:

The purpose of our quality policy is to maintain an effective management system (IMS) that meets stakeholder’s requirements and achieves high levels of customer satisfaction by:

· Managing and delivering projects that are defect free, on time and to budget

· Senior and Project Management staff maintaining personal contact with the customers and being actively involved in each project

· Developing relationships and partnering agreements with our respective Stakeholders

· Promoting the use of local labour, sub-contractors and suppliers

· Continually monitoring and analyzing performance to identify process improvements

· Being committed to the competence, development, professionalism and health and safety of our employees

· Listening to our people, recognising their achievements, giving praise and maximizing their potential

· A commitment to continually improving the effectiveness of the IMS

· Learning from experience, correcting mistakes and preventing future problems and complaints

The implementation of, and adherence to, a system of policies, procedures and processes that comply with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and associated industry codes, regulations and best practice.

The success of the Company was, and remains, attributable to a firm commitment to delivering successful projects to the satisfaction its customers.